Our Style, Defined

We consider ourselves to be Documentary Wedding Photographers, but with a flair for the epic.

So what does this mean to you? In specifics, it means that we won’t ask people to look at the camera and say “cheese”; it means that we won’t disrupt the flow of the day by setting up group shots of all various combinations of guests for hours on end; it means we won’t make you feel awkward by posing you just so; it means no fake smiles, no interfering, and nothing cringeworthy. It means honest photography and some amazing images.

That does not mean that we won’t shoot those always important family “formals”. We are always happy to accommodate a few posed family portraits or group shots. However, we like to keep these to a very small amount, usually around 6 or so, and we work from a shot list so they can be completed very quickly and efficiently. This way, we don’t tie up you and your guests and everyone can get to the reception and enjoy the party that follows! Many times, the best way to get a group shot is to gather your family or friends and pull one of us aside during the reception and ask us to take a quick shot for you! These types of shots are always more personal and filled with emotion than the cold, sterile “formal wedding portrait”.

That being said, we do love to take the bride and groom out for 20 minutes or so as the sun is beginning to set, for a few quick shots. We always like to capture that “epic” shot of the bride and groom that can be an album cover. Many of the photos that are featured on the home page of this site are from this time of the wedding day. It gives the couple a few minutes to escape, catch their breath, and let the magnitude of what has occurred that day sink in…and that’s always great for a photo or two!

Documentary photography is about being a fly on the wall; watching, waiting, and anticipating. We capture real moments as they unfold. We truly believe that, above all else, our job is to document your wedding day, truthfully and artfully. We do not want to interfere with or influence your day in any way.

This is your story. Let us be your storytellers.